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Greg P. Somers CAI, GPPA

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Lower Milford Fire Company
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The auction method of Liquidating Property or assets to be sold at Auction has been established as the Quickest and Best way to gain the fair market value of real estate and/or personal property. Whether it is one piece or the entire contents of an estate.
  • Somers Auctioneering Inc. can conduct onsite Auctions with personal property and Real Estate. This process lowers the cost to sellers because it is done on premise.
  • Somers Auctioneering Inc. provides a thorough and complete service of removing all saleable merchandise. Selling said merchandise at the Auction facility with various other estates and consignments.
  • Somers Auctioneering Inc. also provides a service to remove all non saleable merchandise. Along with being able to offer a cleaning service after all merchandise is removed. This will prepare property for listing on the Real Estate market.

Somers Auctioneering Inc. advertises in local newspapers, Trade papers, Internet and specialty papers where we feel the best to gain higher interest of items to be sold. We also have a strong mailing list that is sent to a multitude of buyers.

Auction Settlement:
Your auction settlement is complete and will be mailed within 14 business days.

Somers Auctioneering Inc. Serves the Greater Lehigh Valley and Surrounding areas.

Somers Auctioneering Inc. is based upon an Honest and Professional Auction Service, that will provide a Complete and thorough solution for all consignors.


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